About the Artist


Born in 1965, Chantal is originally from the suburbs of Montreal. Even from early childhood, her talent and passion for the arts had already stood out. Her mother was her first inspiration and role model for life. Chantal would often find her in the kitchen painting, so the sight of an easel, a canvas and paint brushes were a very familiar sight.

But it was in the world of fashion that Chantal first emerged, taking her first steps as a model, then moving on to studies in architecture and interior design.

Her independence and sense of leadership led her thereafter to open her own interior design firm in Florida. It was then, during a pandemic in a period of isolation, that she rediscovered her passion for fine art. Self-taught in the realization of artistic painting, her curiosity and enthusiasm led Chantal to explore various mediums and different subjects.

Art is the power to share timeless emotions.

– Chantal Gingras